Day guest INFO

Day ticket 35,-€    

After work ticket (last 2h) 25,-€

5 day ticket 150,-€    

(valid 1 year from first stamp)

10 day ticket 250,-€  

(valid for 1 year from the first stamp)

The day ticket is included when booking a treatment with a minimum price of €110.

We also invite our day guests to use our well-equipped fitness area before you devote yourself to your own personal relaxation.

You are welcome to hire towels and bathrobes from our spa for a small surcharge.

Hire charge for linen packs:

Pestemal 6,-€

Small linen pack (1 large/small towel and slippers) €10

Laundry package large (2 large/1 small towel/ 1 bath towel and slippers) 15€

Deluxe linen package (large linen package and slippers) 20,-€